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For Skylight Doors Windows Automatic Window Opener TE12

  • 24VDC or 29VDC

  • 3500N

  • 50-1500mm

  • 11 mm/s

  • IP65

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Automatic Window Opener TE12 Features

* The product material adopts the national standard aluminum profile, and the American

standard waterproof gasket has high performance waterproof function.

* The lowest temperature of the special grease of the product can reach -45 ℃ and the highest can reach + 65 ℃.

* Stroke: 50-1500 mm (customized). The compact design with small installation space. The

minimum installation size L = stroke S + 120mm, can be customized according to requirements.

* Protection level: IP65.

* There are two kinds of power supply voltage: 24VDC and 12VDC for users to choose.

* With built-in limited switch.

* The screw adopts high-precision screw with high strength to resist wear and corrosion.

* The product is equipped with a brake (limit position) to effectively prevent the use of the

product after the screw reaches the top. It has a self-locking capacity and is powerful. It also has

effective travel control and achieves high precision requirements.

* The product uses an all-metal casing and high-strength wear-resistant gears. The gears are

made of powder metallurgy with a single noise-reducing material which makes the product has

high strength, wear resistance, and long life.

* The locking force at rest is greater than 3000N.

* A variety of speed ratios, you can choose a variety of speeds and push-pull force.

* The product complies with the national standard: GB16806-2006, and has passed the

inspection of the "National Fire Electronics Quality Supervision and Inspection Center".

Automatic Window Opener TE12 Specification

MODEL NO. Automatic Window Opener TE12
Input voltage 24VDC/29VDC
Max push force 3500N
Max pull force


Max speed (no load) 11mm/s
Stroke length 50-1500mm or customizable
Feedback & switches Limit switch
IP-class IP65
Min built in length 120mm + stroke
160mm + stroke

Automatic Window Opener TE12 Dimension

Automatic Window Opener TE12 Standard Size  

MODEL NO. Stroke Installation Size Speed
TE12-008 400mm 560mm 7 mm/s
TE12-042 450mm 600mm

6 mm/s

TE12-070 900mm 700mm

15 mm/s

TE12-071 1000mm 800mm 15 mm/s
TE12-073 500mm 700mm 11 mm/s
TE12-077 600mm 800mm 11 mm/s
TE12-088 400mm 600mm 11 mm/s
TE12-126 300mm 500mm 6 mm/s
TE12-171 600mm 800mm 10 mm/s

Customize Options

* Stroke : 50-1500mm, or custom

* Color  :  Silver, black, gold, or custom

* Tube material :  Aluminum / stainless steel

* Logo:  Laser, label, or custom

* For personalized customization, please feel free to contact me.

Installation FAQ

1. When installed on the window, the window is not closed or opened in place

    ① The installation stroke of the actuator is wrong.

    ② The proper position of the hoop was not measured when the hoop was used for installation.

2. Continuous shaking after the window is closed

    ① The hoop is not installed in place.

    ② For the linear actuator without hoop, it may be that the installation size of the actuator is wrong.

Automatic Window Opener TE12 product specification.pdf


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