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Why do you need an window opener?

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Why do you need an electric window opener?

1, Definition of an automatic window opener

Nowadays, the concepts of smart buildings and smart homes have been accepted by the public. The electric window opener is a new type of mechanical equipment for controlling window opening. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, compact structure, small transmission resistance, low noise, and convenient installation. It can be equipped with remote control, smoke control, temperature control, wind control, rain control and other sensing devices, to automatically control the opening and closing of the window sash according to the use.

Motorized window opener -shopping mall

2, Applications of the electric window openers

Window openers are devices that allow windows to be opened and closed automatically, often in response to changes in temperature, humidity, or other environmental conditions. These devices can be installed in both residential and commercial buildings. They can also be particularly useful in areas where temperature control is a major concern, such as greenhouses, offices, and hospitals, universities, hospitals, public leisure and entertainment clubs, production workshops, warehouses, reception rooms and other engineering buildings.

3, Installations of the electric window opener

The external mechanical lock point of the electric window opener can be linked with the chain or actuator type window opener to lock and open the window. It is suitable for the lock/unlock pin of large windows. Regarding multi-point lock (concealed) openers. It can be used in conjunction with chain window openers, and can lock/unlock the windows counterclockwise and clockwise. 

So you may ask what are the exact benefits of window openers?

1, Improved air circulation

Window openers can help bring in fresh air from outside and circulate it inside the room, reducing the buildup of stale or stuffy air.

Window openers can help reduce indoor air pollution by allowing pollutants and allergens to escape outside. This can be especially important in rooms where chemicals are used or where there is a lot of dust or allergens.

In addition to improving indoor air quality and reducing the risk of heat-related illnesses, window openers can also help reduce energy costs. By allowing fresh air to circulate throughout a building, window openers can help reduce the need for air conditioning or other cooling systems, which can be expensive to run and maintain. This can be particularly important in commercial settings, where energy costs can be a major expense.

Window opener - improve air

They can help adjust humidity levels in a building. High humidity levels can lead to a range of problems, including mold and mildew growth, which can be both unsightly and potentially dangerous. By allowing fresh air to circulate throughout a building, window openers can help reduce humidity levels and prevent these types of problems from occurring.

With the development and progress of society, people pay more and more attention to their health. As a factor directly related to human health, indoor air quality has become a popular research . Regarding how to improve indoor air quality, architects and engineers believe that the most effective way is to make full use of natural ventilation conditions for indoor ventilation. In modern skyscraper buildings, how to  improve the air quality by windows opening and closing is a problem that most construction engineers need to consider.

Overall, window openers are the cost-effective and energy-efficient way to improve air quality in a room and maintain a healthy living environment.

2, Enhanced safety and security

Do your windows close automatically when the storm hits? Or do your windows automatically lock when a suspicious person approaches? These are all places where motorized window openers can be used.

3, Automatically close in storm weather

When it rains, the wind and rain controller can automatically sense the rain and send a signal to the control box, and the control box can send a window closing signal to the window opener, and the window will automatically close. 

The wind and rain controller can realize thethe wind level. When the wind force exceeds this level, the wind and rain controller will send a signal to the control box, and the control box will immediately send a window closing signal to the window opener. Then it will close the window and better avoid the damages caused by storm.

4, Improved accessibility

Are you helpless when you want to close windows installed too high or too far to be touched? It can be easily helped by the electric window openers. Press the wall switch or remote control can easily open or close the windows at any time. You don't need to wait until somebody to help or climb a ladder to make it. Try an window opener will easily solve the headaches. 


Window actuator - convenience

For those who want to begin designing a smart home, electric window openers are fantastic options to add a modern and technical feeling to your rooms. At the same time, they will be practical in your daily life. These electric openers become even better when you have skylights or ceiling windows. These often prove to be awkward to reach from the ground, or even downright impossible. However, having a window opener attached to the window will allow you to open it remotely, making sure you have no need to open the shed to get the ladder out. This can be especially useful for those that find it difficult to rise often in order to open and close windows.

5, Enhanced safety and prevent fire disaster

In terms of fire prevention, the requirements for smoke emission after a fire are very high. It must be ensured that people will not be smoked to death without being burned. At this time, for fire-fighting smoke exhaust windows with fire-fighting linkage ventilation requirements on floors, electric smoke exhaust windows can only be selected and wait for non-human means to open the windows. But the window openers will open the windows at the first time and save your lifes without hesitate.

Window opener - aesthetic

6, Enhanced temperature control

Window openers can enhance temperature control by allowing for better ventilation and air flow in a room or building. Temperature control is a key aspect of creating a comfortable living or working environment, and the ability to regulate temperature is essential in many industries and settings.

7, Industrial ventilation

Because the ventilation skylight is installed in the exposed type, if the application site requires indoor temperature control, the panoramic skylight will automatically ventilate the room when the temperature is too high. If the indoor air quality is polluted by the smell of the pharmaceutical factory, sand and dust, etc., the windows must be opened immediately for better ventilation, and ventilation skylights must be installed to solve this problem.

Industrial ventilation - fire alrm

When the window opener is used in a special environment, such as dusty, humid, cold and corrosive places, necessary protective measures should be taken. Window openers and window sashes should be checked and maintained regularly, and faulty parts should be replaced in time. For the window openers that do not work for a long time, the battery should be operated and replaced regularly.

There are several different types of window openers available, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Some window openers are manual, meaning that they must be opened and closed by hand, while others are automatic and can be controlled by a thermostat or other environmental sensor. Some window openers are designed to be mounted on the wall, while others can be mounted on the window itself.

It is best to use a folding arm window opener for the skylight, which has a large thrust and a large window opening angle. Chain openers are generally not suitable for skylights. After the low-rise windows are installed, they occupy a small area and have little impact on personnel activities. Folding arm type and chain type window actuators should be used. For special window sashes such as casement windows and sliding windows, linear type actuators will better fit. For the opening of the inner window, the folding arm type and the sliding trough type are preferred.

Electric window openers can be divided into three types: chain type, linear type and sliding type. The window opener has the characteristics of compact structure, elegant appearance, low noise, sufficient rigidity and convenient installation. It can be equipped with remote control opening, smoke, temperature, wind control, rain control sensor devices according to the requirements of use. It is mainly suitable for the electric opening and closing of various vertical and rotating side windows (skylights).

One of the most popular types of window openers is the motorized chain opener. This type of opener consists of a chain that is attached to the window frame and a motor that openerss the chain. When the motor is activated, the chain moves, opening or closing the window as needed. Chain openers are relatively easy to install and are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit different types of windows.

Chain window opener

The chain type window openers has small thrust. They are mainly suitable to open small windows. The linear type has large thrust and are suitable to open medium-sized windows. The internal thread type has good self-locking performance and large thrust. They are good options to open large windows. 

At present, the common window openers include outside top hung windows, outside bottom hung windows, inside top hung windows, inside bottom hung windows, and day-lighting roof opening skylights. 

There are two types controllers, which are conventional and smart controllers. People usually use conventional controllers to open and close individual windows. For group windows, we can use wireless or infrared remote or control box. Smart control is automatic control according to the wind speed and rainfall level preset, and can automatically adjust the electric window opener to reduce losses in case of fire.


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