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How to choose a suitable electric window opener

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1. The operating voltage of the window drive

A separate window drive cannot be used, and a 24V power supply and control switch must be configured externally. The internal motors of the window drives use 24V safety voltage; so the individual window drives need to be equipped with a 24V power converter and a control switch to be used as a whole; or a linkage control box is configured to open every 16 or 32 or 64 windows together with unified control.

2. The type of window drive (see the shape mechanism of the window drive: that is, choose the chain type or the screw type)

According to the external mechanical type of the window opener, the common ones are: chain type, screw type, rack type, push rod type, crank arm type, folding arm type, chute type, scissors type.

Choose window drives with different shapes and structures mainly according to your specific site environment and window type, which is convenient for installation and on-site practical use. At the same time meet the national fire protection requirements. For example: the screw type is installed horizontally along the side frame of the window and pushed outward along the opening direction, which can meet the requirement of a 70-degree opening angle for fire protection. It is mostly used in high-speed rail stations, airports, large stadiums, high-window factories, and skylights in office buildings and other places.

3. The opening stroke of the window opener (that is, how far should the window be opened?)

Once the window opener is installed, it does not need to open as far as you want; the length of the window opener’s shell is determined to limit the window opening stroke; so once the shell length is produced and installed, the maximum stroke is fixed, generally 300--1000mm; It also directly determines the maximum angle at which the user opens the window.

4. The protection level of the window drive:

Due to the different natural environments of windows: indoor and outdoor; there are temperature, humidity, wind, rain and dust, etc., all window drives must also be suitable for the environment, and the window drive will have a choice of protection level.

According to the different shape and structure, the protection level is different: the chain type, the protection level: IP32; the push rod type, the protection level can reach: IP65.

5. The push and pull force of the window drive (that is, the working current of the window drive)

Because the windows are different in weight, a certain amount of force is required to open them, and a certain amount of force is required to close them tightly when closing them. Therefore, the window opener must also have a corresponding push-pull force. The unit of push-pull force is Newton: N

According to different shapes and structures, the push-pull force varies greatly: chain-type push-pull force: 300N--650N

Push-pull force of push rod: 650N--2000N.

The push-pull force of the window opener is controlled by the internal circuit board controlling the current of the internal motor. The maximum current is generally 1--2A, with over-current protection.


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