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Todly is a leading manufacturer specializing in electric linear actuators in China, with 15 years’ experience in this industry.

Electric Linear Actuator


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What Is An Electric Linear Actuator?

The electric linear actuator is made up of motor, reduction gear, screws,nuts , guide sleeve, push rod, slide carriage, springs, shell,turbine and Micro control switch etc.

An electric linear actuator is a device that converts electrical energy into linear motion. It is used to move or control a load in a straight line, and is commonly used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Electric linear actuators can be used to perform a wide range of tasks, from opening and closing doors and windows to controlling valves and other mechanical components in industrial processes. They are often preferred over hydraulic or pneumatic actuators because they are cleaner, quieter, and more energy-efficient.

Electric linear actuators are widely used in various fields and are an important part of furniture life and industrial production.

What Is An Electric Linear Actuator Good For?


Ultimate Convenience

Automatic window openers signify the epitome of convenience. You don’t have to get up from your seat to control your window! You can do so at the press of a button. This is especially convenient for those who are unable to move around freely for one reason or another.


Ventilation is crucial. Opening your windows can help you avoid mold and foul smells. Fresh air can wake you up in the morning and give you an energy boost. How convenient would it be to just press a button to open your window? Convenient and doable, with an electric window opener!

Smart Integrations

Some motorized window openers have more advanced capabilities than others. For instance, you can find many models with rain and wind sensors that will close the windows automatically. Some window openers are compatible with smart thermostats. The two can co-operate and decide when the windows should be opened or closed, based on the settings that the user chooses.

Hard to Reach Windows

If you have very high ceilings and hard-to-reach windows, then automatic electric windows will save your life. There’s no need to look for a ladder or ask your tall family members for help. What’s even better is that you don’t have to limit yourself. Keep your window open for as long as you want and close it remotely.

How Does An Electric Linear Actuator Work?

After the motor is decelerated by gears or worm gears, it drives a pair of screw nuts. The rotary motion of the motor is changed into linear motion, and the push rod action is completed by using the forward and reverse rotation of the motor. For example, complex actions such as rotation and shaking can be completed through mechanisms such as various levers, rockers or connecting rods. By changing the length of the lever arm, the stroke can be increased or decreased.

Welcome To Visit Todly Factory

Todly is one of China's leading manufacturers specializing in automatic window opening systems, with fifteen years of experience in the industry. Window opening systems continues to be implemented in construction, ventilation systems, smart home systems, and many other applications.

Todly systems specializes in electric window actuators, manual window openers, linear actuators, smart control systems, and window opener accessories.

Todly provides comprehensive service to customers spanning over thirty-five countries. With over five-hundred completed projects, we have the experience and team to develop a user-friendly design and customer-oriented service. This design model has allowed our products to speak for themself, providing a firm reputation in the domestic and worldwide market.

Todly Electric Linear Actuator Production Process

Electric Linear Actuator FAQ

  • Q What voltage is a linear actuator?

    Understanding voltage requirements
    Todly linear actuators are 12V units with the exception of a few 24V options. All the power supplies we offer are only rated for 12V / 24V depends on your applications.
  • Q Do linear actuators push and pull?

    A linear actuator is a machine component that is designed to convert rotational motion from an electric motor into linear motion. These components are typically used for straight push / pull movements, although they can also be used for lifting and tilting.
  • Q How do you sync two linear actuators?

    Position sensors are used for synchronizing Todly electric linear actuators.
    To obtain the synchronization of two electric linear actuators, it is possible to equip them with position sensors. These will provide feedback to the control box, which will adjust the speed of each device to operate the synchronized movement.
  • Q What determines the speed of an actuator?

    Speed is primarily dependent on the linear drive mechanism: The limiting factor of a linear actuator's speed capability is typically the drive mechanism.
  • Q How does a linear actuator know when to stop?

    Limit switches are electronic devices that define the ends of a linear actuator's stroke. Upon reaching either end of its stroke, the rod makes contact with the limit switch, which instantly turns off power to the motor, thus stopping the rod from traveling further and potentially damaging something.
  • Q What is the stroke of a electric linear actuator?

    Stroke is the distance between the fully extended actuator and the fully retracted actuator – the maximum length of movement that the actuator can operate. Below is the picture showing the stroke of Todly linear actuator.
  • Q What type of mountings are available for Linear Actuators?

    A linear actuator can be mounted using an end swing pin, front flange mount or side flange mount. Special mountings can be designed to suit applications. Todly electric actuators can also be mounted in any orientation.
  • Q What are the applications for an electric linear actuator?

    Electric linear actuators find a wide range of applications in various industries and everyday systems due to their ability to provide controlled linear motion. Some of the key applications for electric linear actuators include:
    A. Home Automation: Electric linear actuators are used in smart homes to automate the movement of objects like motorized curtains, blinds, and windows, as well as adjustable furniture like TV lifts and height-adjustable desks.
    B. Greenhouses and Agriculture: Linear actuators are used in agricultural equipment and greenhouses to automate the movement of vents, shades, and irrigation systems.
    C. Ventilation and HVAC Systems: Electric linear actuators are used in ventilation systems to control air dampers and louvers, regulating airflow in buildings.
    D. Security and Access Control: Linear actuators are used in security systems for automated gates, barriers, and access control mechanisms.
    E. Medical Devices: Electric linear actuators are found in medical equipment like hospital beds, patient lifts, dental chairs, and adjustable examination tables, providing comfort and ease of operation.
  • Q How do I choose an electric linear actuator?

    To choose the right electric linear actuator for windows, you must consider your window size, type and weight. Then Todly team will give you the professional suggestion on automatic window solutions.
  • Q What is a linear actuator?

    A linear actuator is a mechanical device used to convert rotational motion into linear motion. It is designed to move an object in a straight line along a specific path. Todly linear actuators are commonly used in various applications across different industries, such as windows, smart home, furniture (like recliners, sofas).

  • Q How to choose a suitable electric linear actuator?

    First, confirm you need slider model or tubular model. Then according to the voltage, push force, stroke, installation distance and speed, you can choose the suitable one.
  • Q Shall we use electric linear actuator on other field?

    Yes, our electric linear actuator can be used on window, sofa, bed, solar system, car and so on.
  • Q Can you provide detailed technical data and drawing?

    Yes, we can provide detailed technical data and drawing according to your demand.

Todly Factory FAQ

  • Q Todly's factory scale and production experience

    With 15 years of production experience, covering an area of 100,000 m², monthly output of 500000 automatic window openers. CHINA COMPULSORY CERTIFICATION APRROVED (CCC Approved).
  • Q Product Certification

     Waterproof and dustproof test report
  • Q OEM & ODM

    OEM & ODM can be supported
  • Q About warranty and after-sales

    One year warranty
  • Q Production and delivery times

    7~15 days for sample. 7~10 days for bulk order.
  • Q What’s your product warranty?

    3 years for actuators and 1 year for control system.
    Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to us by Email: info@mlmotor.cn or Cell/WhatsApp: +8618262984908 . We're glad to provide you with all the information you need about our factory and our products.
  • Q Do you offer OEM or ODM?

    Yes. Todly Electric passed ISO9001 standard. Our professional production process, quality control, production capacity, stable workers control make us be confident to meet your high requirements OEM products. Todly professional sales team and technical team will help your get your design well done as well.
  • Q Can I buy your product directly?

    Yes. Customers can contact with us directly for window openers purchasing.
  • Q How can I contact with Todly?

    Cell/ WhatsApp/ Wechat: +86-18262984908
      Email: info@mlmotor.cn
      We will reply within 7 * 24 hours.
  • Q Can you get samples?

    Yes. We will provide samples for your testing. Samples will be charged.
  • Q Can I sell Todly products on our online shop?

    Yes. Its ok to sell Todly window openers on your shop. We are happy to provide pictures if you need. You can take pictures by yourselves as well.
  • Q How can I be a distributor of Todly product?

    We welcome customers all over the world to be distributors Todly window openers. Please email to info@mlmotor.cn if youre interested in distributing our actuators. We will provide competitive discount, professional training, best service to our distributors. 
  • Q What certificates do you have for your window openers?

    Todly actuators are complied with CE standards.  
  • Q How can I place an order with your factory?

    Placing an order with us is simple. You can contact our sales team via phone or email. After our sales team confirmed the details of your requests, we will send you the sales confirmation to go ahead. We'll guide you through the process and ensure a smooth ordering experience.
  • Q What is your lead time for order fulfillment?

    Our lead time varies depending on the product and order quantity. We strive to fulfill orders promptly while maintaining the quality our customers expect. For specific lead time information, please get in touch with our Todly sales team.
  • Q How do you ensure worker safety?

    Worker safety is a core value in Todly team. We strictly adhere to all safety regulations and provide our employees with comprehensive training. Our facilities are designed with safety in mind, and we continuously update our protocols to ensure a secure working environment.
  • Q Can you accommodate custom orders?

    Certainly! Todly Electric offers custom manufacturing solutions tailored to your unique requirements on ventilation or window automation. Our team of experts will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Contact us to discuss your custom order needs.
  • Q What is your production capacity?

    Todly Electric has a robust production capacity of 100,000pcs electric window openers per month. This allows us to fulfill both small and large orders efficiently, ensuring timely delivery without compromising on quality.
  • Q Are you environmentally conscious in your operations?

    Yes, we are committed to environmentally friendly practices. We implement sustainable manufacturing processes, and is compliance with ISO14001 standard, to minimize our ecological footprint and contribute to a greener future.
  • Q Can I visit the factory to see the production process?

    Absolutely! We welcome visits from our clients and partners. Witness firsthand the state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies we use to create our products. To schedule a visit, please contact our customer service team (Cell/WhatsApp: +8618262984908), and they will be happy to assist you. We will be happy to arrange pickup at Shanghai / Wuxi / Changzhou airport.
  • Q What quality control measures do you have in place?

    Quality is our top priority. We have a rigorous quality control process that begins from the raw material sourcing stage and continues throughout the manufacturing process. Our dedicated quality control team ensures that every product leaving our factory meets the highest standards of excellence.
  • Q What products do you manufacture?

    Todly Electric specializes in manufacturing window openers. Our product range includes manual vent openers, electric window openers (including chain window openers, spindle window openers, sliding window openers), electric linear actuators, and control systems. Our electric window openers are widely used on natural ventilation, smoke control, heat removal, and window automation: skylights, hopper windows and hung windows, vents, greenhouse windows.  Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to crafting high-quality products that meet the diverse needs of our clients.
  • Q Where is your factory located?

    Todly Electric is located in #6 Xiajiang Road, Henglin Town, Changzhou city, Jiangsu Province, China. Our factory is around 2.5 hours' drive from Shanghai. We're proud to operate from this strategic location, which allows us to efficiently serve our customers both locally and internationally.

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